years of experience

Few words about the histoy of the companny

This unusual company is in fact unique. In the sixties, the founder Helmut Nussbaumer, thanks to his extraordinary professional skills and to his hard work, reaches a high level of specialisation in the art of mould manufacturing for plastic injection (there is no school training for such operations). Such moulds are used for short and long runs production of simple and sophisticated plastic parts. At that time, the plastic injection moulding was very hardly ever used, because the usual injection was made with metal alloy. Such metal alloy injection was very inconvenient because of the « shrinkage » which is in fact a very small volume reduction during the cooling before reaching the final shape. Finally, 1978, this particular founder’s know how achieved a suitable combination with another company owned by Maillefer family, who has a large experience in the toll manufacturing for dental surgery. The new company was named Manuplast (MA for Maillefer, NU for Nussbaumer).
For another 20 years, Manuplast not only supplied Maillefer with injection moulded plastic parts, but also expanded on the international market, with great customer’s satisfaction regarding its impressive production capacity.

A family matter

After 1998, each partner follows his own path and Manuplast SA becomes a family owned company. At the beginning of 2010, Manuplast SA, with its 40 employees, managed by the second generation (which is still closely related to the founder), obtains the certification re-confirmation ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (medical). About 25% of the global activity of Manuplast SA is dedicated to medtech branches, especially to parts for dental surgery. More than 50% of the global production includes complex and sophisticated parts for customers worldwide. Manuplast SA shows it’s know how on several international professional shows. In addition to injection moulded plastic parts manufacturing, Manuplast also provides other operations such as tampography and final packaging.

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